Origin:  Rhyl, North Wales

Genres:  Classic Pop Punk Rock


Years Active:  2013 - Present


Website: www.link-182.com

Short Bio

Link-182 - The Very Best Blink-182 Tribute Band in the UK


“ A real Mark, Tom and Travis show experience”


The ultimate Blink-182 tribute band in the UK! With booming bass, catchy guitar riffs and insane drums, Link-182 are the quintessential tribute act to pop-punk super group Blink-182 in the UK. Playing the unique live versions of songs such as 'Violence' and 'Feeling This', you can also catch massive hits such as 'I Miss You', 'What's My Age Again', 'All The Small Things' and many more. Along with toilet humour and wanting to do terrible things to your Mom, this stage show is a night you will never forget!!!



Tech Rider & Stage Plot


Management: Chappers | link182management@gmail.com


Booking: Chappers | link182management@gmail.com